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Tree Trimming in Woodbridge VA

Unbeknownst to many, tree cutting and trimming, also known as tree pruning, involves a deep understanding of a tree’s biological system. It plays a vital role in sustaining the tree’s health, stimulating its growth, and reconstructing its natural appearance. This process requires a knowledgeable individual in order to skillfully eliminate the tree’s defects without negatively impacting its development or causing irreparable damages. Doing it by yourself can result in erroneous trimming which can cause some serious damage to your precious asset. This is why it’s crucial that you rely on an expert who is knowledgeable and experienced in trimming and pruning trees to ensure that it is done correctly.

But, how do you know when to call an expert to trim your tree?

Truth be told, it’s not that difficult to know when your tree needs some serious trimming. There are various warning signs that are easy to spot to know if it’s time to call for tree cutting services.

For starters, you should have your tree trimmed if its branches are starting to appear too close to power lines. Needless to say, trees and power lines can make quite a dangerous pair. It is important that branches are kept away from power lines for safety reasons. Failure to do so may cause damages both on your power line and your tree. In some severe cases, it can even trigger or start a fire. It’s best to maintain your tree so that it’s considerably kept away from any power line or post.

Another sign that your tree needs cutting is when you start to spot dead or loose branches on your tree. In a way, this is a sign that your tree has outgrown these branches. Not only are they unsightly to look at, but they are also hindering the growth of your tree.

Lastly, you should consider having your tree pruned if it hasn’t been trimmed for more than three years or if it’s closely touching your home. While there is no imminent danger caused by these factors, it does help to have it trimmed in order to bring back its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, you cannot just let your tree branches appear too close to your home. In a way, this can help you eliminate the risk of leaves and thin branches clogging the downspout of your roof when the rainy season comes.

Nevertheless, whatever circumstance prompts you to call for our tree cutting services, we will be more than willing to help you with it. Rest assured, Woodbridge Tree Services is qualified to perform tree cutting or trimming services in Woodbridge, VA. After all, we do have some of the best arborists who will happily do it for you.

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