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About Woodbridge Tree Services

Woodbridge Tree Services is a locally owned company in Woodbridge, VA, committed to helping residents of Virginia by providing prompt, reliable, and exceptional services. Since the day of our establishment, our company stayed dedicated and devoted in providing relentless assistance in property care and cleanup to many residents in the area, making us one of the leading tree service providers in the state.

Our company offers full residential and commercial tree care services, customized to meet each client’s individual needs. Services that we offer include tree removal, tree cutting or trimming, stump grinding or removal, and emergency tree services.

Our Team

It is with great pride that our company, Woodbridge Tree Services, can say that we have the best arborists and landscape professionals in the state. As a service provider, we strongly believe that good service can only be brought on by skilled personnel and crew members. To achieve the delivery of exceptional and high-quality service, we have worked hard to train our entire team to help them grow into skilled, experienced, and well-rounded professionals. With Woodbridge Tree Services, you are guaranteed that we’ll always have the right man for the job.

Our Mission

Our mission, as a tree service company, is to provide prompt and customer-oriented services that exceed customer’s satisfaction. For this reason, we always adhere to the highest of standards when it comes to the delivery and execution of each and every job that we take on. We strongly value the safety and satisfaction of our clients and customers, so we always make sure that our company will never disappoint nor fail in providing high-quality service by paying attention to even the slightest detail.

It is also one of our aims to promote the welfare of the environment, so we exercise great caution when performing a job. We guarantee that, in all of our services, the safety of our clients and their property is always prioritized. Furthermore, we only dispatch skilled arborists and personnel to ensure that the job is done appropriately.

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